UV Polish Gel One Step

UV Polish Gel One Step

Polish Gel Semi Permanent One Step

Easy, Fast and Convenient!

The system SmaltoGel One Step ElleErre Nails is a novelty in the field of semi-permanent polish. Nail polish Gel fast and easy to apply.

A product that comes close to the needs of today's women. Nail polish gel One Step, with only two steps ensures hands look perfect for 3 weeks.

The colors are therefore self-sealing without leakage, do not need to degrease with nail cleaner.

The Nail Polish UV One Step are based on a new technology with soluble polymers, which ensure extremely fast drying times while ensuring a flawless manicure for at least three weeks - just as a UV gel. The nail polish is completely scratch resistant, brilliant and extremely gentle on the nails, but strong as a gel. Also known as Shellac has revolutionized the world of semi-permanent nail of first generation.

For the best adhesion to the nail and perfect results we recommend using the Super Primer ElleErre Nails.