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Beauty Salons and Nail Center

 Here are all the advantages that you have to open a shop of Nail Art products brand ElleErre Nails or opening a nail corner inside of your business:

  • ElleErre Nails is a brand well known and appreciated in the field of online products for nail, which in a number of years in business has earned thousands of customers throughout Europe. 
  • You can choose whether to open a store from scratch or enter a ElleErre Nails  Corner in your business already started (eg Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Cosmetics & Tanning). 
  • If you already have a license or you have an aesthetic of onicotecnica recognized, you can open, in addition to selling products, also a center of nail ("nail center"), taking advantage of the training of our teachers; 
  • Ability to keep ElleErre Nails Training Course (by ElleErre Nails Teachers) at your shop and get visibilia and enjoying the increased sales that come with it. 
  • The startup cost is low and only includes the purchase of products for resale.
  • You will gain visibility through various forms of advertising, including online, by publicizing the point of sale on our website, advertising at trade fairs etc.. 
  • You'll get the supplies of products for nails and nail art at wholesale prices. 
  • You provide no percentage of sales of your store.
  • You will benefit from personalized assistance and a preferential channel support 
  • You will have ability to operate in real-time orders and invoices directly from their personal user account on the site 

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