UV Painting Gel - Reinventa la Micro-Pittura Unghie


UV Painting Gel - Reinventa la Micro-Pittura Unghie

UV Gel Painting ElleErre Nails, ideal for creating great Nail Art! Unique shades, rich detail motifs and very fine decorations. It has never been so easy!

Unlike acrylic, which dries very quickly, the new UV-Painting Gel ElleErre Nails must be cured in UV lamp or LED. In this way, you can make the decorations without time limit.

Technique with "wet-wet" effect: With this technique you can mix UV-Painting Gel to create endless shades and shades of color.

  • Easy-to-use, highly covering and mixable colors
  • Polymerization in UV lamp (60-90 sec.) Or LED (60 sec.)
  • Supplied in 5 ml jars
  • Average viscosity
  • Very crowded and high yield
  • Ideal for easy and immediate decoration even very thin

UV Painting Gel ElleErre Nails are suitable for use with new microproduction techniques such as: zhostovo, gel watercolor, sweet bloom, siren effect, sugar effect, micro-relief, porcelain, mosaic.