Soak Off Gel

Soak Off Gel

The gel that does not file, dissolves!

ElleErre Nails soak off gel is a gel system from the results EXTRAORDINARY resistant and extremely durable! Comprises: soak off base - soak off builder - soak off top gel, soak off color gel. It is applied as a traditional gel, with the advantage that dissolves in few minutes with no need for filing!  

Less time and file, soak off gel  can be used for each treatment: coverage of the natural nail and  sculpture with nail forms.  Non-yellowing, dries in 2 minutes under the UV lamp, LED lamp 1 minute, does not damage the natural nail, it is odorless.

Soak Off Gel is ideal especially for customers who like to frequently change the look of their nails without having to file.

Fully compatible with UV Gel ElleErre Nails for Reconstruction (UV Gel System) and Semi-permanent Gel ElleErre Nails. 

Colors bodied, covering the first pass and self-modeling. Pack jar 5ml of medium density (same density Colorgel for reconstruction), and do not settle.  Catalyze under the UV lamp in 2 minutes and LED lamp in 1 minute.

Also available as 15ml frosted glass jar with brush. Minimum guaranteed lifetime of the application - 3 weeks when used with Soak Off Base - Soak Off Builder - Soak Off Top Gel (alternative Base and Top Smaltogel).


Want to File?  Choose UV Gel System Nails ElleErre - Do you want to melt? Select Soak Off Gel  and Nail Polish ElleErre Nails


soak off gel

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