Polish Gel Color UV Fashion Pink 12ml

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The GelPolish System is a durable, soak off gel system that can be used to adorn and reinforce the natural nails. This thin, self-levelling gel system has excellent adhesion, low odor and great shine.

The Polish Gel Color ElleErre Nails is covering the first pass, medium low viscosity. Cure completely in less than 2 minutes in UV and even less than a minute in LED.


Instructions for Use:

Slightly shake bottle before use.

Use a white block to buff the natural nails slightly.

Apply Nail Primer ElleErre Nails and let dry 30 seconds, a slight sticky layer will remain.

Apply 1 layer of GelPolish Twin Coat and cure for 2 min in a 36Watt UV light or 30-40 seconds under LED (405nm).

Apply 1 layer of GelPolish Color ElleErre Nails and cure for 2 minutes in UV or 30-40 seconds under LED (405nm).

If additional coverage is desired, apply a 2nd layer and cure for 2 minutes in UV or 30-40 seconds under LED (405nm).

Apply last layer of GelPolish Twin Coat and cure for 2 minutes in UV or 30-40 seconds under LED (405nm).

Remove the tacky layer with Nail Cleaner and file the sidewalls and free edge as desired.

Do not expose to light or excessive heat. Use only as directed.


Method 1: Discolour the nail with a 180 grit file or buffer blank, imbevi a cotton pad with remover Plus ElleErre Nails. Sets the cotton pad soaked over the nail with aluminum foil and leave for about 10 minutes. Remove the foil and the residual color with the help of a plastic cuticle pusher or with an orange wood stick.

Method 2: Soak your nails in warm water for 5 minutes, then soak your nails in Remover Plus for another 5 minutes. File off the loose Gel from the surface with a 180 grit file. Be careful do not file file the natural nail. Repeat until the gel is completely removed.

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