Super Primer - UV Polish Gel 12ml

-23% Super Primer - UV Polish Gel 12ml

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The system SmaltoGel One Step ElleErre Nails is a novelty in the field of semi-permanent polish. Nail Polish Gel fast and easy to apply.

A product that comes close to the needs of today's women. The nail polish gel One Step, with only two steps ensures hands look perfect for 3 weeks. With one bottle you can make 40/50 manicure or pedicure extraordinary and lasting.

The Nail Polish UV One Step are based on a new technology with soluble polymers, which ensure extremely fast drying times while ensuring a flawless manicure for at least three weeks - just as a UV gel. The nail polish is completely scratch resistant, brilliant and extremely gentle on the nails, but strong as a gel. Also known as Shellac has revolutionized the world of semi-permanent nail of first generation.

For the best adhesion to the nail and perfect results we recommend using the Super Primer ElleErre Nails.

Instructions for Use:

Slightly shake the bottle before use.

Use a buffer blank to slightly dull the natural nail and push the cuticles with a wooden stick or orange push cuticles.

Apply one coat of primer ElleErre Super Nails and cure for 20 seconds under the UV lamp 36Watt.

Apply one coat of Smaltogel One Step Color ElleErre Nails and cure for 4 minutes in the UV lamp 36Watt.

If you want more coverage, apply a second layer of Smaltogel One Step Color and cure for 4 minutes in the UV lamp 36Watt.

The colors are, therefore, self-sealing without leakage, it is not necessary to degrease with the cleaner.

Do not expose to light or excessive heat. Use only as directed.


Method 1: Matify the nail with a white or Buffer file 180 grit, wet a cotton pad with Remover Plus ElleErre Nails. Secure the cotton pad soaked in nail with aluminum foil and allow to rest for about 10 minutes. Remove the foil and the residual color helping push cuticles with a plastic or with a stick in orange wood.

Method 2: Dip your nails in warm water for 5 minutes, then dip your nails in Remover Plus ElleErre Nails for another 5 minutes. File away the gel dissolved from the surface with a file grit 180. Be careful not to file the natural nail. Repeat until the gel is completely removed.